About Us

We are a small team of 2, with few hundred artworks, from handful of artists, relentlessly working to offer you the most enchanting experience of buying or selling art online

We are a hub and a platform for
Creating, Buying & Selling

We at Sketchze are the ultimate hub to create 100% authentic and genuine handmade sketches from photos.We house more than 100 artists at our studios who are handpicked based on their Skill, Expertise, and Subject Knowledge.

Along with being a platform for creating beautiful sketches from pictures, we were also inspired by the fact that there are so many talented and skill artist who are looking for a platform to display there art and being able to monetise it to make a living.
Hence we also created Sketchze, as a platform where all the talented artist can come and register to display and sell their art all around the world.

This also makes us a great place to find and buy beautiful unique art from all around the world. The art work available at Sketchze is verified and guaranteed for 100% authenticity. We house variety of categories of painting to choose from, be it for your beautiful house wall , or a gift to someone or for an art lover’s collection.

Why our clients love us?

Our Seller onboarding process is as easy as signing up as a vendor on our website and upload your art work and start selling. 

We provide you with beautiful and easy to use dashboard to manage all your products/art , track all your orders and payment, with easy withdraw to bank account options.

As soon as a seller onboards our platform we generate a store page , which they can use as there own e-commerce website and do personalised marketing. 

Need a customised Sketch or a special Artwork ?