How to sell Art and Painting on Sketchze

Selling art and painting on sketchze is very simple and easy.

In order to sell art and painting, an artist just has to go the account page and register as a vendor by selecting “I am a vendor ” option while signing up.

Post that you will be able to view your vendor dashboard, which will allow you to add products/art/painting in your store. You would have to add at-least 2 painting before your account becomes active for selling and your art becomes visible to the world. Once you have add your products our team will review then in less than 24 hrs. After successfully reviewing your account, Our team will be sending you an email with onboarding step. Once all the onboarding steps are complete we will activate your account. That’s it, you are all set to sell.

You will be able to manage all your orders and payments through dashboard. You will also be provided a store webpage with all your products and cart/checkout feature. You can use the store webpage as your personal website and share it on all social media platforms.

Happy Selling..